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How to setup BMW System DIS and SSS ?

May 16, 2013

china latest news about How to setup BMW System DIS and SSS ?

How to setup BMW System DIS and SSS ?

DIS Setup
1. Start The Computer

Sco Unix Operating System will be launched and DIS software will be run.

2. Connecting
2.1 DIS front page, click"Administration"(bottom right)→click"Connection setup";
2.2 Get GT1 or OPS connected correctly;
2.3 Make sure that machines are well connected. Start up. After a few seconds an IP (c00126 or OPS
will be shown in the frame list under “Free diagnostic heads”.(Meanwhile GT1’s yellow light will be flashing. If it’s OPS, the green light will be flashing.) Sellect the IP and click"Connecting". Now if everything is well connected, the network signal indicator on the top right will be showing full with two brick-shape icons (If machines are poor connected, it will be showing only one brick-shape icon. If nothing is connected, it will be showing empty.). The icon of the connected multiplexer will also be showing;
2.4 If want to switch over between the GT1 and the OPS, please do step 2.1 and 2.2 and then click "Quit connecting" in connection page to quit. Then Finish step 2.3.

3. Diagnose
Click "Diagnosis"on the DIS front page. Get access to “Series” page and “Model series” page and then select the car you want to test.

4. Self Test
Get access to DIS front page and click"Administration"(bottom right)→"Self-test". Select "Diagnostic head"or"OPPS" and then click "OK". If fault code comes out, please contact us.

5. Shut Down
Ctrl+Alt+F1 and then input"SHUT"then press"Enter". System will be turned off.

SSS Setup
1. Start The Computer

Start the computer. After “IBM” logo disappeared press “Space” when the cursor is flashing.
Wait for 5 to 10 seconds then Input “BOOTOS 3” behind “BOOT” and press “Enter”.
Windows XP will be launched and SSS will be run. (If it’s the first time to run SSS software, the system may be rebooted automatically.)

2. Language Setting
Get access to SSS front page. Click"Administration"→"User interface"→"Language" Select a language and click"Continue.

3. Connecting and Programming
Make sure that the machines are well connected with a target car. Click"New session"on the front page of SSS system. Select an equipment showing in the list (GT1 C00126 or OPS). Click "Continue"(You will be needed to input a connecting name but this step is not necessary. It can be ignored.)→"Continue". Select the car makes, the car models and then go ahead.

4. Shut Down
Get access to SSS front page. Click"Administration"→"Settings"and then click"SSS"→"Operating status"→"Switch off". System will be shut down.

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