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VVDI Mini Key Tool About Global Version Explanation

May 11, 2020

Important Notice: VVDI Mini Key Tool About Global Version Explanation

From different regions customer's feedback, they also need some other regions remote options.
(like ME region they also need some SE and EU database options)

So from 2.3.5 firmware there is GL version(Global) for customers.

1. GL version from old 3 regions include(EU ME SE), those 3 old regions will automatically change to GL version from 2.3.5 firmware.

2. GL version will cover more remote options, will keep updating and adding more remotes.
(If you find any options missing compare to old region version, you can contact us, we will update)

3. GL version already released more universal smart key generation options

4. If customer still prefer to keep old region version, just send us your device SN, we will setting back for you.

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