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FOXWELL BT100 PRO 6V 12V Car Battery Tester For Flooded AGM GEL 100 to 1100CCA 200AH Battery Health Analyzer Diagnostic

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: BOWSHINE
Certification: CE
Model Number: FXTD017
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1PCS
Packaging Details: 40cm*30cm*30m
Delivery Time: Within 1 working day
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Detail Information

Product Name: FOXWELL BT100 PRO 6V 12V KEY PROGRA1. New Keys ProgrammingMMER: Multiple Vehicle Applications Ndash Passenger Cars And Light Duty Trucks
KEY PRO PROGRAMMER: Tests Batteries Rated From 100 To 1100CCA FOXWELL BT100 PRO 6V 12V: High Quality
Car Battery Tester For Flooded AGM: English Only GEL 100 To 1100CCA 200AH: Newest Version
Battery Health Analyzer Diagnostic Tool: BEST PRICE FUNCTION: ECU Programmer
Shipping Term 1: DHL, UPS, FEDEX Express Shipping Service Hipping Term 2: Standard Post Shipping Service
Model ID: FXTD017 Weight: 1KG
Stock: Always In Stocks Performance: High-quality
Version: V2014 Type: ECU Chip Tuning Box
Warranty: 1 Years

Product Description



FOXWELL BT100 PRO 6V 12V Car Battery Tester For Flooded AGM GEL 100CCA-1100CCA 200AH Test Battery Health/Faults Analyzer Diagnostic Tool


IT WILL DEFINITELY MAKE YOU IMPRESSED! The theme of this 12V car battery load tester named FOXWELL BT100 pro is Minimalism. All the creative inspirations are out of the convenience for our customers, such as quick start, portable size, safe&easy operation, accurate test result and so on. Removes redundant and useless programs, which makes the battery analyzer run faster. You're allowed to use it directly out of the package and don’t have to update or install any software on the car battery analyzer.




The latest BT100 12 Volt Battery Analyzer from Foxwell is dedicatedly developed to test 12V regular flooded, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral and gel batteries. It provides a quick, easy and affordable solution for technicians to view battery charging status, check battery health and detect faults.

Test Arrange : 30-200 AH (Ampere per Hour), 100-1100 CCA .
Compatible with multiple vehicel types
Tests multiple rating systems: CCA, BCI,CA,MCA, JIS, DIN, IEC, EN, SAE




FOXWELL BT100 PRO 12V Car Battery Tester Support Language:

English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Dutch,Turkish.



Replace Your Bad Battery in Time:

Generally, a battery dies and you replace or charge it, but it is hard to tell when a deep cycle battery is going to die. This battery tester gives you the information about the life of your batteries, instead of guessing, or vaguely remembering when it was last replaced or charged. It also allows you to test a battery to see if the problem is the battery or your charging system before spending money for replacing parts unnecessarily.
With this little battery tester, you can check the battery by yourself just in seconds, and avoid the hassle of driving to repair shop to find out if your battery is good or not. The most important thing is, it makes you know the problem and replace the battery in advance before it leaves your car dead on road.



Foxwell BT100 PRO 12V Car Battery Tester Main Functions:

1. Multiple vehicle applications ndash passenger cars and light duty trucks

2. Tests batteries rated from 100 to 1100CCA

3. Tests multiple battery types - regular flooded, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral and gel

4. Tests multiple rating systems - CCA,CA, MCA,JIS,SAE,DIN,IEC,EN

5. Tests the batteries on the car directly - no need to remove the battery Detects bad cells

6. Quick and accurate test result display in just 3 seconds

7. Does not emit light, heat or spark, or discharge battery - keeps operation safe for all levels of users Automatic temperature compensation

8. Extremely easy to use with large backlight LCD display and menu-driven operation

9. Multilingual menu and test results.


FOXWELL BT100 PRO Real Battery Test :

1. Press the ENTER button to start the test. BAT. LOCATION Menu will display.

2. Scroll with the UP or DOWN button to highlight OUT OF VEHICLE or IN VEHICLE from BATTERY LOCATION menu and pressENTER to select the battery location.

3. Scroll with the UP or DOWN button to select the battery type from BATTERY TYPE menu and press ENTER to confirm.

4. Scroll with the UP or DOWN button to select the battery standard from BATTERY STANDARD menu and press ENTER to confirm. Not all rating systems are available for each application.

5. Use UP or DOWN button to change measure range till you enter the correct range of your battery. Press ENTER to start the test.

6. View test results on the screen. Depending on battery status, one of the following test results may display.

Battery Tester Results:

GOOD BATTERY: The battery is in good condition.
GOOD-RECHARGE: The battery is in good condition but low current. Fully charge the battery and return it to service.
CHARGE & RETEST: Fully charge the battery and retest. Failure to fully charge the battery before testing may result in inaccurate results. If you still get CHARGE & RETEST message after you fully charge the battery, replace it.
REPLACE BATTERY: The battery is almost dead or the connection between the battery and battery cable is poor. Replace the battery and retest; or disconnect the battery cables and retest the battery using the out-of-vehicle test before replacing it.
BAD CELL-REPLACE: The battery may be damaged such as broken cell or short circuit. Replace the battery and retest.





Foxwell BT100 12V Car Battery Tester Specification:

Item Range Accuracy
Voltage measuring 6V to 12V 0.5%
Battery type Flooded, AGM, GEL N/A
Battery rating 100 - 1100CCA plusmn(3%+10)CCA
Standard support CCA, CA, MCA, JIS, DIN, IEC, SAE, EN N/A
Operation Temperature -20 to 60degC (-4 to 140degF) N/A
Storage Temperature -20 to 70degC (-4 to 158degF) N/A

Package Including:

1pc x FOXWELL BT100 PRO 12V Car Battery Tester

1pc x Test Cable


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